Desire versus Decision: The Journey to Change

The desire to change can be instantaneous. You wake up one morning and want something different. You want to be thinner or fitter. You want to feel less anxious. You want consistency. You want to be a better version of you. However, the desire to change and the journey toward change are two completely different … Continue reading Desire versus Decision: The Journey to Change

The Year of the Comeback: Starts Now

Not going to lie, this last year was a rough one. I experienced a lot of loss — loss of a dream job, loss of a relationship, loss of a personal identity, and at times, loss of motivation. However, as a Phoenix through fire I have emerged stronger and more determined than before. This next … Continue reading The Year of the Comeback: Starts Now

A Weekend Without Labor ((Almost))

I spent Labor Day Weekend in Texas this year. Friday morning I stopped at Starbucks and used my free drink coupon to “buy” a venti quad shot white mocha, hopped back in my car, and drove eight hours. My main motivation for my Texas excursion was Anime Fest. Back in December, Dara and I reserved … Continue reading A Weekend Without Labor ((Almost))


Not blogging is bad. Not blogging for almost a month is inexcusable. Hi, nice to meet you. My name is inexcusable. This past month my schedule was consumed with job hunting and post-SOM recovery. After three weeks of hunting, I received a job offer from Starbucks and have spent the last two weeks in job-training. … Continue reading Oops.

The World is Full of Magic Things

Every June something magical happens. An entire world is created with a unique culture. Kids are indoctrinated into this culture through the singing of songs and the shouting of battle cries. After surviving a week in the wilderness, the children are given a blue bead and officially declared Missionary Kids. For one month out of … Continue reading The World is Full of Magic Things