Zombie Apocalypse.

Midterms. A word which breathes sheer terror into the hearts of college students everywhere. Freshmen discover the library for the first time. Upperclassmen spend hours within study rooms, relentlessly cramming information into their heads. Midterm week is crazy. If anything on this earth becomes responsible for initiating the Zombie Apocalypse, it will be college midterms. Midterms, like … Continue reading Zombie Apocalypse.

Safe? Who Said Anything About Safe?

[Re-posted from Evangel Blog] Classes are in full swing. Schedules are quickly filled. Time seems to flee like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland screaming, “I’m late for an important date!” The homework pile grows and classes seem overwhelming. However, I find it helpful in the midst of a busy schedule to focus on … Continue reading Safe? Who Said Anything About Safe?

Passion, Barely Contained.

[Written, or rather voice recorded, on 12/1/11]  Life sometimes seems big. HUGE. Magnificent. Sometimes I feel as if emotions are bubbling inside of me, overflowing to where my human body cannot contain them. I’m happy. Yet I feel like crying, bursting into tears, because of this passion welling deep inside my soul. Maybe it’s my … Continue reading Passion, Barely Contained.

Living Among Them: The Snack Machine

During a late night studying, I started feeling hungry. I dug into my pockets, found some spare change and headed to the snack machine. Burgess had one, so I assumed Walther would as well. I wasn’t disappointed…until I tried to use said snack machine. The slot was jammed with coins. Okay, so I couldn’t use … Continue reading Living Among Them: The Snack Machine