Need to Let You Go

I read this new poem entitled “I Need to Let You Go” at Epiphany on Friday night along with “Naked Steel” and “The Road Home.” Poetry frees the soul. Through this poem I was able to resolve a friendship. My experience on Friday only exemplifies the penetrating power of writing. Words speak to the soul. Writing is my call, and I will continue to serve my Father through the talents he has given me. Milton knew writing was “it.” I, too, recognize that writing is it. Even in blindness, Milton continued to write. Nothing will stop me from serving God through writing. Thank you for those believing in me. I can’t thank you enough for your support.

If you haven’t read my new poem, feel free to check it out and respond here with your thoughts!

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Christina Jeter

Christina Jeter was born in Dallas, Texas. She graduated with a BA in English and Theatre. She has wanted to be an author since third grade. Writing is her passion.

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