Red Bull (Red, Blue, and Silver Edition)

redbullblueredsilverRed Bull recently came out with three new energy drink flavors.

The Silver Edition is lime flavored. The lime wasn’t tart, like a warhead or an actual shot of lime juice, but subtle like the taste of a lime squeezed over tortilla chips. For an energy drink, Red Bull Silver edition was rather smooth which surprised me. The drink had a small aftertaste of lime rinds, but the taste hit the tongue and left quickly; it didn’t linger. I really enjoyed the mellow taste of this energy drink.

The Red Edition is cranberry flavored. If you like the taste of cranberry juice, then this is the flavor for you. The drink tasted almost exactly like cranberry juice with a slight kick of energy. The mellow taste was extremely enjoyable.

The Blue Edition is blueberry flavored. Out of the three flavors, the blue is the tangiest. The taste is comparable to biting into a blueberry. The drink has an initial tart which settles into a sweeter blueberry taste. The beginning kick can be attributed to the energy drink aspect. The smoothness afterward, however, brings a nice aspect to the energy drink.

I’ve never been a fan of Red Bull energy drinks; however, these new flavors are extremely enjoyable and completely alter the traditional taste of Red Bull. Who would’ve thought energy drinks could taste so mellow?

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