New Year. New Poetry.

I thought as a special treat for the new year I would share two poems I wrote for Creative Writing this last semester.

Curiosity Seduced Reason

 Curiosity seduced reason.

Juice dribbled down her chin

as she swallowed to understand evil.

She shared the knowledge, of course,

watched as the juice dribbled down his chin.

They hid at the sound of footsteps.

Adam, of course, shared his warped knowledge

of their joined nakedness, shifting the blame.

Footsteps sounded as they fled from the garden.

God loaded their shoulders with toil.

Joined in nakedness, they shifted and

her labor brought forth blameless life.

Shoulders loaded with lumber, Cain

sacrificed the fruit of his toil while

Abel’s labor brought forth life, destroyed

to appease wrath with blood-stained stones.

One brother sacrificed another, the fruit

of his mother’s womb killed by hands

blood-stained with unappeased wrath

while dust cried out to the maker for justice.

A mother’s womb killed by sinner’s hands,

Sacrificed to clothe the naked wretch

He cried to his maker, shouldering justice

as blood dribbled down his skin.

His sacrifice clothed our transgression

settled the score between good and evil

as blood dribbled down his skin,

 red as the fruit which tore us apart.

A score settled between good and evil

of knowledge wrongly obtained.

Red as the fruit which tore us apart

when curiosity seduced reason.

Bittersweet Echo

Goodbye lingers on my tongue as an echo,

bumping shoulders with strangers on crowded streets,

parting before we’ve even said hello.

Novocain greetings numb from overuse—hollow

—addicted to the taste of bittersweet;

goodbye lingers on my tongue as an echo.

Hands touch, eyes meet in unintended limbo.

With mumbled apologies, I look up to see

we’ve parted before we’ve even said hello.

Fixed smiles evade empty conversation; I know

you—I’ve known a hundred faces like yours—repeat.

Goodbye lingers on my tongue as an echo.

Gentle kisses brush my lips like snow

as shortfall affection melts, tracing my cheek.

We’re parting before we’ve even said hello.

Captive to a backward world—I stare through

the looking glass—trapped. Admitting defeat

Goodbye lingers on my tongue as an echo

and we part before you’ve even said hello.

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Christina Jeter

Christina Jeter was born in Dallas, Texas. She graduated with a BA in English and Theatre. She has wanted to be an author since third grade. Writing is her passion.

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