Sometimes I Think I Have Felt Everything I’m Ever Gonna Feel: My Thoughts on Her

her movie posterSynopsis:

Her is a comedic drama about a lonely writer who falls in love with his highly advanced computer operating system named Samantha.



Her is a brilliant commentary on our society. The cinematography was beautiful, and the screenplay was excellently written.

Joaquin Phoenix performed brilliantly. Not every actor can carry an entire movie by themselves. Many try and few succeed. Phoenix most definitely succeeded. Amy Adams also did an excellent job. In fact, her performance in Her was better than her performance in American Hustle. True story.

However, the movie included some rather unnecessary scenes which knocked a few points off the score for me. The full frontal nudity shot of a pregnant woman was pointless. The “cyber sex” and “computer sex” scenes were long and awkward. They did not further the plot in any significant way and were completely unnecessary. her screenshot 1

I’ve struggled with rating Her. I can’t help but recognize the brilliant acting, cinematography, and screenplay, yet I am extremely frustrated with the gratuitous sensuality.

Overall, I give the 7.5/10 stars. While Her is a  brilliant social commentary which made me think about the direction our society is headed, the unnecessary sexual content knocked it down a few points for me. Love the idea. Reminded me a lot of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

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