The Anatomy of the Eggvocado

Eggvocado aka Baked Egg in an Avocado Boat.

When I was little, my mom would sometimes fry an egg in the center of a piece of bread.  Eggs and toast combined. Now that I’m in college, and have discovered the wonders of Pinterest, my tastes have grown more sophisticated. Normally, I don’t have access to an oven. Thanks to Spring Break, however, I have access to my parent’s oven giving me ample opportunity to explore the various pins on my “Om Nom Nom” board on Pinterest. The Eggvocado recipe has been floating around on Pinterest boards and its rising popularity encouraged me to try it out for myself. I did not follow the original recipe. I took the advice of The Traveling Spoon and followed her recipe instead.

The recipe is rather simple:

1 half of an avocado, pitted
1 egg
Salt and pepper (I used seasoning salt)
Topping of choice (I used some bacon pieces)

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Use a small spoon to make a bigger hollow in the avocado (like making a small avocado boat). My mom did not have aluminum foil, so I didn’t surround my avocados in aluminum foil. However, I would suggest not foregoing this suggestion as it made some painstaking scrubbing later on. Instead, I cut off a bit of the bottom of the avocados, creating a flat surface so they could stand without tipping over. After surrounding your avocados with aluminum and placing them on a baking tray, crack your egg and plop it in the center of your hollowed avocado. Top the egg with some seasoning salt and bacon pieces (or toppings of your choice – one recipe suggested cheese). Then pop the tray into the oven for about 15 or 20 minutes (until the desired “doneness” is reached). Wait about a minute and the avocado should be ready to eat!

The avocados I had access to were quite small, but I would suggest finding the biggest avocados possible. My eggs didn’t have enough room to sit inside, so they overflowed a bit. Besides looking a bit messy, however, they were absolutely delicious. My mom loved her avocado boat as well! The cooked avocado complimented the baked egg perfectly and the seasoning salt and bacon pieces added the perfect touch. I would absolutely recommend this recipe! Simple but delicious and quick to boot!

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