Thin Mint Frappuccino

Through Pinterest, I stumbled upon a link leading to Starbucks’ “secret” menu. Intrigued, I began scanning the various items. While combinations such as the “Captain Crunch Frappuccino” sounded strange, others like “Snickers Frappuccino” sounded absolutely indulgent. One suggested frappuccino caught my attention–the Thin Mint Frappuccino. Always a fan of mint and chocolate, I immediately wanted to test out this frappuccino.

If you want to order the Thin Mint Frappuccino, ask for a Tazo Green Tea Crème Frappuccino with chocolate syrup and java chips. Adding a pump of peppermint syrup tops off the combination perfectly.

Surprisingly, the frappuccino tasted exactly like Thin Mints. I let a few friends try the drink, and they agreed. As I sipped the beverage, I couldn’t help but imagine a group of Girl Scouts going door to door with Thin Mint Frappuccinos in their hands. Would you like to try our Thin Mint Frappuccino today?

The beverage was a little too sweet for my taste. Next time I would scratch the chocolate syrup and whip cream. Other than that, I might order this frappuccino again. The beverage would definitely benefit the pallet during a hot summer’s day.

The coffee version of this drink is called “The Grasshopper.” If you’re feeling like trying this mint coffee combination, order a Mocha Frappuccino with a pump of peppermint syrup and java chips. Supposedly, the Grasshopper Frappuccino tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream. A White Mocha Frappuccino with peppermint syrup and java chips might be nice, too! I think creating unique beverages at Starbucks is fun. Instead of sticking to the “usual,” add a little variety! Be adventurous! Be creative!

Keep cool and happy drinking (tea and coffee of course)!

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